Removing the plasticine/wax post popping the body out

What's the best thing to use to remove this stuff. Have tried Turps, metho, Acetone, sugar soap!

Any other ideas.
Thanks Ian

probably scraped a 1/2 a golf balls worth of the stuff of the rear clip arches alone, mainly from along the split lines of the mold as its an old mold and is probably getting close to the end of its life.

i had tried the acetone rag, and it worked ok, however i found that WD40 worked a lot better at getting the Plasticine to move.

I'm trying to remove as much of this stuff as i can before i try and flatten out the split lines with some sand paper. Most likely i will hit it with a new flap wheel in a grinder.

please pass on my thanks to Paul

I will ask my fiber glassing friends locally that helped with the body originally - didn't think i should call him at 0100hrs whilst i was in the shed, might have been pushing the friendship to much.

Regards Ryan
Interesting Lee,

Don't like my chances of getting that shipped in. Looked like a few hazardous warning labels on the tin. Will look into it. Would be handy to know what the main or active ingredients are.

Some of the Glues you guys have in the states or in Europe are impossible to get here.