Ricardo transaxle replacement parts

HCF - John

Gearbox / Brake Systems
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HCF is pleased to announce availability of certain new Ricardo gearbox replacement parts. At present we hold an inventory of both synchronizer rings and complete synchronizer assemblies that are available for sale, with additional replacement gearbox components currently in production.

In partnership with HCF, McCall's Auto Works is offering gearbox rebuilding services for the Ricardo transaxle. For any questions regarding installation services please reach Ron at [email protected].

To inquire on specific parts for the Ricardo, please reach us at [email protected]. As additional inventory becomes available, we will announce it on the website here -


Ken Roberts

I'm a member on the fordgtforum. I started a thread to let them know that you are now supplying parts. I posted up a link to your business John. Hopefully they won't delete it.