Ricardo gearbox platform support

HCF - John

Gearbox / Brake Systems
For owner's not familiar with us and our support of the Ricardo gearbox, we wanted to put a brief overview out to describe.

Now 15+ years old, the gearboxes have proven themselves to be quite durable and capable of handling a large amount of torque. They've just never had replacement parts. We've mostly found there to be issues with welding on the 3rd gear, synchronizer wear, oil pump wear and complaints around the factory final drive ratio being too tall.

We've been working to remedy this the last couple years, rolling on new items as the market called for it. At present we offer for this gearbox:

- a 3.9 Ratio Ring & Pinion
- Synchronizer assemblies
- 3rd gear replacements
- Oil pump replacements
- Bearing replacements
- Performance clutch and flywheel upgrades

We also offer rebuilding services with likely the most recent experience with repairs to the gearbox.

If we can be of assistance, please don't hesitate to reach us to discuss.