RIP Jim Pace

Dave Hood

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I was not aware that Jim Pace had passed away due to COVID back in November of 2020. He was only 59 when he passed. Jim was a well respected driver for several decades, participating in events such as the 24 hours of Daytona and at Le Mans. Jim was active in various historic racing events and shared lots of great videos on social media. A few years back, he posted a very nice video on YouTube driving a MKII at VIR.



The Shadow team was a class act. When we broke the timing chain in our engine in practice at Laguna Seca in '72, George Bolthoff rebuilt the engine overnight but it was missing two rocker arms. All the auto parts stores were closed at that hour so we transported the engine back to the track from George's shop and installed it as fast as we could. The Shadow team generously loaned us two rocker arms and we furiously put them in place and Bob Peckham fired up the engine of the McLaren M8C #64 and drove out toward where our spot on the grid was. They had been holding up the start of the race for us to get spotted but the crowd would not get off the access road. Bob simply smoked the rear tires and the crowd parted like the Red Sea. In the race, we finished 13th but the Shadow was a DNF. Thanks to the Shadow team for their generosity and sportsmanship.
The man could drive a car, that's for sure.
When viewing that vid originally I was really surprised that he was following so close over the rise at RA, especially with the LONG history of Can-Am cars propensity for back flipping under those exact conditions.