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I apologise for not posting much earlier but I am sure you are aware that I have placed the matter with my attorneys.

I hope you would all understand that we are attempting to attain the best outcome for all concerned and as soon as I have any more information I will post further.
Huw - do you have an "RF on order" as indicated in your profile? Did you contact Ron Earp? I don't know if you're being cheeky with your profile where you indicate "Email: Yes". The idea was for you to post your email address if you're so inclined.

Mitch D
Stick with it Robert! You have an excellent product and I sincerely hope you can find your way ahead.
went into the dromana factory today to pick up some parts and staff were freindly and helpful as usual.Robert it is nice to see you have plenty of support out there, deservedly so.
mitch, no I actually have my rf 40 in the garage and build is under way,It was the first out of SA .Yes I was one of the lucky ones ,The product is good,But there is some evidence of teething problems as this was the first car built by them.Have also been in contact with austrailia and they are giving me a good service to help complete the car.So to be honest Im quite pleased with their efforts ,Quite a few parts are missing but with a little effort I can source them over here and Robert has stated he will make every effort to fulfill my order.
I naturally feel for all those who havent recieved anything,But we have to give this situation a little time to see where its going .I just hope something can be done to sort it all and eventually Robert will explain to us all what exactly happened
Oliver, didn't you still end up buying an RF? It's a good kit, we all know about your feelings, but c'mon man, do you always need to look for the negative? Celebrate, not denigrate.
I agree and feel this part of of this post puts you in your place oliver [ QUOTE ]
I have stayed aside of your comments through out these months of hardships for RF. You some how feel that you have become the appointed savior of the poor RF customers who are communicating their problems to you.I communicate with all that ask for information and not once have I recieved anything from them that indicate they have a problem. Who ever it maybe that confides in you should call me or Robert first. They as customers should be fully aware of their peticuliar sale. At any point they are welcome to call me and discuss their unhappyness. They are also aware that we give a money back gaurantee. So if there are those relying on you to make things happen then I'm afriad that they are in for a disapointment. The only person here that is in disaccord with this forum is you. You have annointed yourself as the know all and see all of RF's business as well as some of the others. You know only enough to cause dicord and create negative replys with your ramblings. I personally don't understand what makes all this your business. Customers of ours relying on you for their backbone is rediculus
. There are none making these claims to you that I'm aware of. So if this is true and that person or persons would like to have their money refunded then please by all means call them right away and tell them the good news that they can get ther money back. The truth about this is simple. I have customers that want cars now. and any of these folks that want to forfiet their purchase can do so. I will sell the cars because there is folks that want them. Besides this way I can purchase one of these as my demo. So any RF customers out there that would like to get their money back please call Me not John and I will happily arange for this to happen.

[/ QUOTE ]

Howard Jones

Wish you well Robert, let us know what you can when you can. Wish RF well, Wish All RF customers well also.

Otherwise lets all let this matter sort itself out. Nothing else to do.

Russ Noble

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OK guys, have you ever seen Oliver so restrained in his comments?

You guys are truly not from this Earth!!


[/ QUOTE ]

I can see the reason Oliver would make that statement.

The RF situation is a very sad state of affairs considering how good IMHO the product is/was. I do not have an RF so am totally unbiased and of course may not have some information that customers or owners have. But it is my impression that Robert was intent on providing his customers with a top product and has been carrying out ongoing R&D for some time to further improve it and to ensure it met increasingly onerous legislative demands now and in the future. An excellent approach to ensuring improvement and continued access to markets. You can't fault him there.

I think this probably used up valuable resources to the detriment of the short term viability of the operation. The move to South Africa does not seem to have helped either. When a business starts to run into trouble any owner will try and juggle things to overcome what is inevitably perceived as a short term setback. I believe he is a genuine guy with a great product who has run into problems and I too wish him well and hope that this can be resolved satisfactorily for all parties. It may be too late for that now, but nevertheless it's obvious a lot of people share these sentiments.

Equally obviously Oliver doesn't, but that's his right, and in view of his pretty restrained (by his standards) responses, why not cut him some slack and avoid inflaming things again?
/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/twocents.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/soapbox.gif

I agree and feel this part of of this post puts you in your place oliver

[/ QUOTE ]

Dan, your quote from Hershal was made a couple of months before the news came out that around 26 RF customers may be losing their deposits, which are rumoured to total over $300,000. No doubt this news would have been a shock to Hershal as well. If he had known the position I doubt if he would have talked about "money back guarantees".

I imagine every one of those customers would love to call in their "money back guarantee" right now.

I have no axe to grind with anyone. It looks as though RF has made big mistakes (low margins/high spec never works for long in the GT40 replica market), and RF may well have lost a shedload themselves (last year's accounts would be interesting), but if I was in danger of losing my 50% deposit after a smokescreen of impossible delivery dates, poor communication, and news of attorneys, unpaid rent, an insolvent position and potential bankruptcy, then some of these supportive posts would be difficult to swallow.

Let's hope a deal can be done for everyone involved. However, if the situation outlined in other threads is correct, I doubt that this can be done without some significant third party investment.

Good luck to all.

Just climbing down off my /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/soapbox.gif box.
Sorry Rob, I was actually using a bit of sarcastic irony with a sense of humor. I remember when RF dropped their prices with the announcement of the SA cars,and all who just got a kit took it in the chin to the tune of about 12k. The other half were hip hip hooraying it up. In a way I think the collapse of the "cheap" RF SA cars actually help the investment of the previous dollars into a RF AU car.Still I do wish all the customers well and hope things work out best as possible.
Hi Dan - it's unlike me to miss some sarcastic irony. I dish enough of it out. Nice one mate.

And I guess you're right. This sorry affair looks to have done away with any 'hit' that you and other new RF owners took last year. Every cloud has a silver lining - for some at least ...

Well hopefully RF AU will be able to cover some or all of the hardship even if it takes a long while. I don't know about any silver linings around here,LOL, maybe when I get this thing finished someday, take care, Dan
I agree with what Tim Kay says in another post "...the value
of most all GT40 replicas comes down to content and execution..."
with not that much really attributed to where the kit

One thing,s for sure....there is a BIG increase in value
once the car is completed. Owners lose a lot of value if they have to sell before then. So get after it !


Hi Robert:

I have been following the Roaring Forties GT40 Forum and develpments over the last couple of years and I have nothing but faith that all is going to be resolved positively for Roaring Forties and its customers.

As a business owner I am all too aware that all businesses go through difficult times as you have. The one element that will never go away is your commitment to quality and history of great service and loyal cuatomers as a result.

You have been very ethical and straightforward in all your communications with your customers over the years. This will payoff for you I know.

My best wishes for a positive resolution to your present situation. Hang in there, we are truly rooting for you.

The Kentucky Cobra Club supports you,

Juan Lopez-Bonilla