Rubber hose just ain't a rubber hose.

Thought I'd pass along my recent experience with rubber hoses. I have made some barb fittings to provide an air bleed for my GTD radiator and being economically minded, thought I'd just use a piece of fuel tuing to vent back towards the accumulator tank. Since I am using Goodyear Hysunite fuel line for the carb, I figured I'd use the same stuff for the rad., but just to be sure I gave the technical guys a Goodyear a call. "No, no, no" was the response, that product is not rated for coolant, you'll be back in there replacing it after it fails from the water exposure". Since then I have found that McMaster has the right stuff and it's just as inexpensive as fuel tubing, but it is rated for coolant.

I guess it proves that sometimes it's worth the price of a phone call to be sure.

Randy V

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That explains a couple of things for me - Thanks Brian - I never thought of checking!

I had a coolant overflow line (used fuel line - thought I was going well overboard) that hardened and split in a year's time. Coolant everywhere.. I'm on a different program now!