SAAC leather bound . Should I cancel?

Leather bound Saac Registry... SHOULD I CANCEL?
Many GT40 members are also Shelby and Cobra owners and like to know if they have on order and are concerned about the new registry. I have been trying to get info regarding the Saac Registry that is coming out this year with no luck. I have on order the 2 of the serial numbered leather bound editions that are supposed to be hand singed by Shelby. I'm concerned that the book will not be signed as a result of shelby wanting all the club information and rights back. The leather bound books will be worth serious money when delivered. Does anybody know if he is Not going to hand sign the books? Is he bound by contract to sing or just a hand shake type of deal. I'm asking this because the second edition I ordered was going to be auctioned off for charity.
I have no luck with Saac with info. Anybody know anything?