SBF Windsor small block oil supply

Paul Hendrickx

Hi all,
have a question for the one who knows.....

going through some YouTube stuff on overhauling Windsor block, and stumbled on this subject of oil- gallery modification...
Capture d’écran 2022-01-10 à 22.29.59.png

and was in this (commercial) video....

my question from where to where are going these two oil -lines? anybody has experience on it?

Thx for implications
Greetings from France
I believe on that block in question is a cleveland, its an oiling mod they did as had issues getting even oiling across the lifters and then returning back to the pan.
Windsor block, likely to be 8.200"- there are no Cleveland coolant crossover passages on that block, more likely to be Boss302 heads or perhaps later SVO alloy Boss 302 style heads, more likely aftermarket like SVO with large bore as there are no valve reliefs cut in top of bore . std 4.000 bore requires those. The two copper pipes are likely to feed to both the lifter galleries and restrict oil flow.... I would not do it like that-- too much to go wrong.