Searching for ERA #2055

Hello fellow GT40 fanatics!

My Dad and I spent about two years building ERA #2055 around 1997 and we had a blast doing it. I have some very fond memories of working with him and putting the beauty together. I was the paint and body guy, he was the oil monkey. He sold it at auction in Florida around 2006 to a guy around the Ft Lauderdale and, and rumor has that it has changed hands a few times and I've run into a dead end looking for it

So, I'm here asking you guys if you've seen it or know of it...I figure it's a long shot, but worth a try.


A phone or email would be great! Dad's curious if the original custom designed and built camshaft is still in place (Dad has worked much of his retirement on a software program for custom camshafts. He's sold this software, and has be hired as a consultant, for the likes of Hendricks Motorsports, Joe Gibbs, Earnheart Childress, Petty, etc.). I'm curious if the car might be for sale - though I don't think I can afford it :). I'd love to bring it to Texas and spin it around the Texas Motor Speedway on the weekends and take it to the local hot rod show.


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Phil lives here in Asheville, NC. He ask me to reply to you as he is not a member of this site. His email is, [email protected]. Phil drives his car almost every day and has spent many hours correcting the electrical wiring as a results of 'too many hands' doing their thing. Like lamp cord in the circuits. All is sorted and has been updated to ERA changes and safety review by Olthoff Racing who does most of the Superformance cars sold here in the US. Dennis and crew just went through a ERA MkI I purchased last year. The car has been disassembled and repainted a traditional period FORD color. I'm in the process now of getting it ready to sale.
Give Phil a call. I talked with him this morning as he was going out to a picnic..(828.674.9655)