1. R

    Superformance Dashboard Paint

    Does anyone know what paint Superformance uses to paint their Dashboards? It has to be painted because there are a few different materials. Dash fiberglass, switch panels ABS, etc. I'm trying to add some much-needed lighted lettering and will need to do some touchup of the paint. I might also...
  2. M

    GT40 Exhaust 351W, 1 3/4

    Up for sale is my Superformance Mk2 exhaust system, only test fitted on my SGT40 Mk1, never run. Red primer, mild steel, 1 3/4” dia. Fits 351 Windsor only. Selling due to change of plan. Fabricated in 2014 according to flange date stamp. Tubes can be altered to suit. Located in Botley Road...
  3. D

    Superformance front arm

    Does anybody have the hitech aka superformance drawing for the front lower control arm like the drawings in the gallery.

    How a Superformance GT40 is made - SKY 141 Today 15:00 hrs

    Guys Sorry for the late warning. Quest Channel - UK Sky 141 @15:00 hours today How its made Series No. 14 - Superformance GT40
  5. C

    Wanted: Original and Superformance parts book/technical paperwork

    Wanted: Does anyone have an original GT40 parts book available like in the photo? And also, does anyone have a parts book for the Superformance GT40s, service bulletins, and other technical documentation? Many thanks, Elliot 941-468-0433
  6. C

    Registration/VIN in Texas

    Hi: I am in Houston, Texas, and a new Superformance GT40 MKII I have coming should be ready for the road in several months. Right now I am in the process of putting together my notes on how to register and insure the car into an outline, of sorts, so I don't mess it up. Something I have...
  7. P

    Top Gear

    GT 40 featured on Top Gear but without Clarkson slagging it off for being too small (as he did years ago!). OK probably a Superformance being presented as 66 winning car but still a good advert! Also has piece on Extra Gear with Jackie Oliver driving.
  8. R

    shifter cables needed --- gt40 mkII

    trying to remove "master shift" electronic digital shifting... and superformance doesn't have any cables in stock, please call if you can help, 352 871 8861 thanks
  9. P

    Superformance chassis number

    I'm amazed that there is not a cold typing of the chassis number on the Superformance, is this plate? someone to confirm thank you
  10. S

    Superformance GT-40 Mk.II P2221 ***SOLD***

    Well guys, I'm sad to say it's time for my baby to find a new home. Health/finance reasons force me to sell the car as I can't drive it anymore. So here's the deal: The Good Chassis: Superformance GT-40 Mk.II, chassis P2221, in Viper grey metallic with Mercedes bright silver stripes. I...
  11. E

    Hello from Florida

    Thanks for letting me join. I don't have a GT40 yet :-) but I am in the hunt for one. I used to be a true blue Ford guy. Back n the 70s I had Mustangs GTA, Machs, and even a 68 500KR in my single Navy days (that would spin up the restorers what I did to it back then for street racing :-) )...
  12. P

    How much GT40 Superformance?

    Hello the latest release of the Shelby Registry dates from 2008, since it was built many Superformance GT40, do you know how many? of MK1? of MK 2? thank you
  13. C

    New GT40 on the way

    Time to introduce myself to the group. I recently finalized my order for P2388. A Superformance Mark I RHD, Sill shift, Widebody in Gulf colors. Timing should see the car in my hands (for install), May 2018. Still a few details (ok more than a few) to decide. At this stage a Roush 427IR is...
  14. Mark IV

    U.S. Vintage Grand Prix "[email protected]"

    It's that time again! While we run this for Superformance owners, other GT40s are welcome to join us. Watkins Glen U.S. Vintage Grand Prix...
  15. F

    Outside Mirrors Superformance

    Hello, do anybody know , from which car are the outside mirrors from the superformance GT 40? Thanks Frank
  16. kgschrader

    Superformance GT40 MKII For Sale. ***SOLD***

    Editing this on 29 January 2019: I will open it up again and see if I can sell my Superformance GT-40 MKII 2155 I keep getting told the price is too high, so, I'll lower it $5,000 $140,000 Why am I selling it? I have too many other things to work on and I don't pay it justice. I don't drive it...
  17. J

    location of VIN nr.

    Hi :-) can someone tell me how many and where the locations of the VIN number is, on a 66 Superformance mk11.
  18. Mark IV

    Superformance GT40 MK II P2171 **SOLD**

    Superformance GT40 P2171 is a MK II in Lamborghini Titanium metallic with Diamond Black stripes on the top and sills. This GT40 has been used as our show and display car for the last two years and is ready to go. Powered by a Roush 427 SR Windsor engine with the "twisted wedge" cam upgrade it...
  19. M

    a Canadian visiting Florida

    I'm new to the site, and hope I'm not breaking any rules with this post. If I am, please accept my humble apology . . . A friend of mine from the frozen tundra in Canada will be in the Pompano Beach, Key West, Key Largo area in the near future (to thaw out.)He has never seen a SPF GT40 up close...
  20. F

    NEW Superformance Mk 1 GT40 *SOLD*

    NEW Superformance Mk 1 GT40! Right hand drive! Wide Tail. Gulf Paint Scheme. Gulf Knock Offs. New 331 Motor. New 5 speed ZF. Painted BRM Wheels. Roll Cage. Air Conditioning! With or Without Mufflers. Street and Track Sorted. HSR / SVRA Vintage Race Eligible. Call Fran Kress with any questions...