SL-C Owners Map

Eric: I'll resend you the link later this evening.:thumbsup:

Glad you got the link A.J. as many email clients send it to the spam box.
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Figured I'd post and see if the map is still being updated? I'll be ordering mine within the next week.... FINALLY!
any owner in the GCC ? gcc= Qatar/uae/bahrain/oman/koweit even if it s a race car.... it would greatly simplify the importation procedure for me as well as decresing the cost of registration (i m a Qatar resident)
Hey Kyle. I am in Orlando. My SLC is currently being built by Fran as a Turnkey build. He is thinking March / April for it to be completed.
Are there any SL-Cs in NC, SC, GA, or Northern FL that are in the process of being built or completed? Before I dive right in, I'd like to learn more and possibly see an SL-C in person.
Did you get your car?
Not a lot of progress yet. Engine is being painted this week and then Fran said he has everything to build it. Fingers crossed to get it ASAP. Believe me I am going crazy waiting on it given that I ordered it 13 months ago