SLC #242 For Sale ***SOLD***

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Hello Everyone,

It's with regret that I'm forced to sell my uncompleted SLC due to too many medical problems that are preventing me from working on and completing it. The car is complete with all the parts that came with it when I received it in Jan 2016. Other parts have been included that are listed on the attached PDF documents.

I'd be happy to answer any questions or show additional pictures of components as requested. Please see the attached PDFs below for additional information and details.

Price as-is with all components (motor separate): $70,000
LS3 Crate Engine (New unused): $6,000

Thank you!

Tires/Rear Assembly/Graziano Trans

Front Suspension


Mounted Cooling Fans, Lift Pump and Tank, AC Dryer

Brake & Clutch Lines


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looks like a well planned car and while this is exactly the deal i am looking for the shop isn't finished yet and that's eating capitol right now GLWS!

Always sorry to see someones dreams get pushed aside for that life thing...

Doug S.

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Jay, if you look up "Lance" on the membership list you'll find on his profile his email address, a way to send a PM (Private Message) to Lance, and perhaps a phone number.

Good luck!

90% is in boxes packed in the car! The body can be put back on in a week with the rest of the parts inside or attached to the car!
I couldn’t open the Viber attachment... how complete is the car? Rollers are 48k and I assume you’ve down some work through the pictures
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