1. C

    For sale: koso tac/dash and infinity box system

    Hi everyone, trying to get rid of some inventory. This came with the slc but I'm using an aim pdm32 and digital dash. I'm asking $330 shipped. Also have an infinity box system for sale ($1500). Feel free to message me here or email me at [email protected]
  2. F

    CAV parts

    Can anyone tell me a good source for parts on a 2006 CAV? canards, rear spoiler, rear mesh vents, license plate filler cover, maybe carpet, light covers, side door covers. Also, will a Momo steering wheel fit these cars? Its my 1st 40, and thanks in advance for any help.
  3. C

    Wanted: Original and Superformance parts book/technical paperwork

    Wanted: Does anyone have an original GT40 parts book available like in the photo? And also, does anyone have a parts book for the Superformance GT40s, service bulletins, and other technical documentation? Many thanks, Elliot 941-468-0433
  4. J

    help ID and value on XE block and parts

    I'm brand new here but familiar with standard Ford performance parts but not familiar with Ford Race parts. But at least I know enough to know what I don't know. That's why I am here. I'm helping identify and value some vintage performance parts for an estate right now I've found a...
  5. B

    Gt40 parts ??!!

    Hello i am looking for a supplier serious for gt40 parts : door handles and later a windshield (windscreen ? ) for KVA gt40. Do you know someone please ? Thanks
  6. F

    3D Printing Aluminum Parts

    OK, well not really. But here is what is possible using your 3D printed parts to do 'lost wax' style casting. These parts are for the cooling system on my 1UZ engine. The factory fittings left a lot to be desired for my application. Two of the fittings with sprue and vents. The plastic cup...
  7. D

    Quick Lift Template

    Does anyone have templates for the rear (and if possible front) quick lift brackets? I see people have in the past PM'd them but I do not see them in the forum somewhere. It would be cool if we had a file repository for brackets and parts that you are willing to share. I have been making...
  8. F

    RCR GT-R Parts for Sale

    Please email me at [email protected] if interested in any of the following parts. My location is West Chester, PA. Buyer will pay shipping cost. 1) New Factory front and rear rotors off my GT-R - probably fit SLC also. $125 for all four. SOLD 2) Adjustable pedal bracket (solid piece and nicely...
  9. L

    SLC #242 For Sale ***SOLD***

    Hello Everyone, It's with regret that I'm forced to sell my uncompleted SLC due to too many medical problems that are preventing me from working on and completing it. The car is complete with all the parts that came with it when I received it in Jan 2016. Other parts have been included that...
  10. J

    Parts for a Tornado build

    I have just ordered a "starter package" from Tornado have started to investigate other parts needed for the build. Note: I know Tornado have all the parts needed and that I could buy everything from them - but in Sweden we are not allowed to assemble a kit-car - it has to be amateur built...
  11. N

    How Do You Keep Your Garage Clean?

    I’ve seen some amazing garages on this site and the floors are spotless and the tool boxes shine and the while walls are gleaming and the cars in progress are shiny. I just painted my garage floors and walls in the Fall and you’d think that I never painted them. The floors are dirty even...
  12. M

    Insurance before Car is Complete

    I thought I would share what I think is a success story. I did a bunch of searching and reading on the forums about the insurance issues and trying to find insurance before it is a "real" car. Tried some of the companies and leads that others had, after striking out with my company (Farmers)...
  13. S

    LS7 Engine For sale - Near Complete Drop Out

    SOLD!!! Price Drop: 8500 Posting here in case there are any SL-C guys or a GTM lurker who might be looking for an engine. Asking 8500 USD for what you see below, I am located in Manassas Va. LS7 Engine from 2008 Corvette Z06 for sale. 12K Miles, all cylinders have compression within 4lbs of...
  14. G

    Suspension Parts

    Hi all. I have for sale a set of suspeension parts from a Superformance GT40 Mk1. We are converting the car to full FIA spec so have replaced a lot of parts. Trying to sell as set, so don't really want to split. Maybe suit someone starting on a new build or looking to upgrade. We have:- 2x...
  15. Howard Jones

    Brake parts selection info

    I found this thread on a pro touring orientated website. These cars are pretty much all front engine Camaros, Mustangs, and larger US muscle cars. BUT the information contained in this thread is extremely informative and most of the math and many of the examples can be extrapolated to a mid...
  16. Charlie Farley

    Lucas 608 Rear View Mirrors

    Over the last 12 months or so, the supply of these mirrors has dried up. Prices of the one or two pristine nos examples that came on the market soared close to GBP £ 400.00. Consequently, I have embarked on having them remanufactured. They come with the correct GT40 windscreen mount. Please...
  17. B


    Just joined up 1 as a fan of the gt40 and 2 to hopefully unite some parts I have that I think would make a gt40 owner happy. Get out the pitchforks, I'm a Chevy guy, BUT the GT40 is one of the baddest Racecars ever built and I have a soft spot in my heart for them and their successes on the...
  18. S

    3d CAD tool, wich is the best suited?

    Hi, i'm about to start my project soon and want to be a step ahead and get started with the design of the frame and suspensionparts asap. This means i'm looking into what programs are the easiest to draw tubular frames in and also engine parts and suspension parts. Best i found so far that...
  19. G

    CNC Performance Parts cable shift for ZF/RBT trans

    Anyone have any experience with the GT40 or Pantera versions? They look like some nice parts. ZF cable shift adapter: ZF Cable Shifter Adapter | CNC Performance Parts GT40 shifter: GT40 Shifter | CNC Performance Parts
  20. DC-MXV

    RCR 40 Suspension components

    HI, Does anyone have the specs and part numbers for the following RCR40 suspension components: Front Upper control arm ball joint (mine have 4098 on ball joint case) Rear lower control arm inner rod end (heim joint) I had a search around the site but was unable to find any definitive...