Smoking can damage your ... err ... health

Silverstone three weeks ago ... qualifying went well.

Unfortunately the race, eight laps in, did not.

I pride myself on preparation and reliability, but when an oil breather pipe lets go from the top of a Porsche engine, I just want to head butt a brick wall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On draining oil system, at least eight litres of hot oil had sprayed out under that rear engine bay
Everything, yes, everything, from the rear bulkhead to the tail lights has had to be dismantled and cleaned. Six gallons of brake/clutch cleaner, whole bottle of Fairy liquid for the rear deck and two weeks of intense cleaning ....... utter nightmare !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Randy V

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Thank God no fire.... Made for a spectacular picture worth framing and hanging on the shop wall though.... Will certainly be a steady reminder to go over every-nut-and-bolt on the car before an outing...