FS USA *SOLD* Graziano Gallardo / LS3 dual disk kevlar billet clutch complete - lowered price

This was built by HCF Parts for use in an SLC, or any car that has a Graziano/LS3 with the same thickness engine adapter

Has 400-500 miles on it (break in). I attempted to start turning up the power but got a slightly bit if slip @ 850ft lbs of torque. one of the downsides of kevlar.. it lasts forever but takes a lot of break in too. I was told to give it another 500 miles and it should be fine, but I decided to swap it out for a sintered iron disk so I can slip at at the drag strip aggressively at peak power (1500hp or so).

This clutch drives like a stock vehicle. Super quiet, buttery smooth engagement. For a clutch that holds up to 850 (and supposedly more with more break in) I was shocked.

Works with all the stock bits (trans, slave cylinder, etc)


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Hey Jordon I'm interested in your setup if it will work for me. I'm beginning to collect parts for my build and will be going with a ford 5.4 and Graziano transaxle. I'm sure the clutch and throwout bearing will work for my application but do you know if the flywheel thats with your clutch is made to bolt up to an adapter flywheel coming off either motor or did your setup bolt directly to your LS crankshaft? thanks

Ron McCall


I sent the PM to Dusty . He was interested in your clutch and I have a flywheel that will allow him to use it with his combo.