Spark Plugs

I am looking for a recommendation in respect of suitable spark plugs for my Tornado TS40 which is primarily used on the road. I am UK based.

Engine specifications are:-

Ford 302 Holley 600 cfm 4 barrel Big Valve Ford Motorsport Cylinder Heads (Aluminium) Motorsport True Roller Rockers Edelbrock Performer RPM Camshaft and Inlet Manifold MSD 6AL with Blaster 3 Coil ignition Accel distributor 51201E Blue Max 8mm Spiral Core Leads.

Also what would be the recommended plug gap setting.

Many thanks for your assistance.


Howard Jones

Here is a good overview of the how and why of spark plugs along with a cross-reference of different plug manufacturers. I am using NGK R #BKR6E. Engine : SBC, aluminum heads, 10.68/1 CR, quite a lot of cam, and 93octaine pump gas.

The MSD 6AL and Blaster SS 8207 coil seems to like a plug gap of .040

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