Speed cameras in America??

This is the first I've heard of this crap...


The French seem more restrained than the average American motorhead...


Larry L.

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'Not surprising. The so-called "infrastructure" bill deems a lot of things to be "infrastructure" that heretofore had never been considered as such and require a very creative imagination to accept as such...like daycare/childcare for instance.

Given the sordid history of speed/red light cameras here in the U.S. (and around the world for that matter), "Biden-Buttigieg" might want to do a little research on 'em first and then perhaps they might rethink the idea. Buuuut 'cameras provide a revenue stream (or so they think...'net, net, net' not so much), sooo...

Considerably more could be said on the topic...but, for what ought to be obvious reasons - I won't!

'Probably in the dog house now as it is... :-(

Ian Anderson

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I have heard they are busy reducing speed limits in the U.K. as part of the greater scheme to go green as the electric vehicles at 20/30/40 mph are magnitudes more economical on electricity than the same electric vehicles at 50/60/70 mph

they then bring in the cameras and use those to enforce as over here you also get 3 points and after 12 points tallied you get to not drive for a year to 18 months

meanwhile they cite safety but still do not teach the kids to safely cross the road, and have now brought in that pedestrians have right of way! I kid you not!


Bill Kearley

Neil, I think you really mean to say is that the inmates SHOULD take over the asylum.
All most every one wants to talk about environment but think of this, each time I must stop for a pedestrian at a cross walk ( the law here ! ) As I accelerate back to the speed limit I watch my live fuel consumption as it reaches 40 ltr per kilometer then tapers of down to 12 or so at cruise. ( a one ton GM pick-up ) Do this millions of times a day in cities and towns around the world it makes a huge impact.

Randy V

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So many states have pulled these cameras out of circulation, it’s not even funny... Seems there’s been a number of successful invasion of privacy and other suits... As I recall, the ACLU was even involved...