Steve McQueen: The Lost Movie

Just watched this. I have no memory of this happening so found it very interesting.

Worth a watch if you are interested in 60s F1 or Steve McQueen.

Narrated by David Letterman.

Thanks to whoever is responsible for this film.

Couldn’t decide which area to post this in, hope this is ok.

I would like to have included a link but I saw it on an Australian Netflix equivalent called Stan, so I don’t have a link for it at the moment.
I didn’t know where it would be released outside Australia so I just gave the title.

It’s about an aborted film called ‘Day of the Champion’ which was being made by complicated and incredible coincidence at the same time as ‘Grand Prix’.
The documentary has original footage they took of actual races and events so it was a goldmine for me as I am very passionate about that era.

I hope people can find it, and if they do can provide a link or whatever to it.

If I find it somewhere linkable I will post it.