Superformance MK1 Rear A-arm support collar


I have 4 lower A-arm support collars water jet cut from 1/4" 4130 moly and powder coated. Superformance MK1's did not come with these as the original cars had. They are a must if you track or aggressively drive your car. they are $100.00 + shipping from Socal.


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Hi Rick, do you need to use longer bolts to use these brackets? I'd put me down for one. Thanks



Put me down for one. Just let me know when and where. I can meet you since I'm in the area.

No, You can use the same bolts just discard the large washers on the a-arm bolts.
I replaced my a-arm bolts with new grade 8 because they were slightly bent. It's probably a good idea to replace them anyway.
Someone decided not to take the support so there is one left for whoever comes first. PM me if interested. Thanks!