Mike Pass

I have been on a tour of the factory. Most of the car is as per original especially the chassis and body. The cars intended for road use differ from the original 60s spec as they have a Roush engine and different brakes etc. Many have been changed to meet historic HTP requirements and now race in historic motorsport. As they are mostly to original spec they are a good base to start from. I believe they now also offer a car to full original race spec.
I have seen detailed photos matched side by side with photo's of the original. The tool room copy is VERY accurate, down to the individual parts used. This is not the same car as the regular MkI and MKII cars. Tons of specific detail. I believe there may be one in the Superformance showroom at HIllbank in CA. For the investment, I would go out there and take a good look.
So, do they use a different body than the regular Mark I wide body? My understanding is that the standard Mark I body/glass is not exactly interchangeable with original.
I am in Orange County every other week these days, trying to carve out two hours to go visit. Will bring the camera and dig into the car if they have it there.


If you are able to swing by and take photos of their car, and the details, that would be awesome!


Charlie Farley

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