Taking My old MG on track

I set a target for myself this year of getting myself on track in my old MG so I could learn the circuits a bit and hone my driving in preparation for the GT40. This week saw me at Brands Hatch circuit for an MG only session. This is a car that I have played around with a lot over the years but never really tested it to see if all my work had created something good or something bad. I thought a track day would certainly be the acid test.
It was an evening event with 4 x 20 minute sessions. I thought this would be a gentle introduction to see if the car held together rather than a full day.
Well, the car certainly held up. It was a bit of a seminal moment for me as I've had the car 23 years (although not in this form) and this was the first time on track.
She handled very well, was powerfull and easy to predict. I managed to induce a couple of sideways movements but at no point did I ever lose control. It was a fantastic experience and one I'll be repeating.
The only down side was that in preparing the car for the track, I've had to divert some funds from the GT40. It was worth it though.
Oh, and I need to upgrade the brakes. They got a bit smokey towards the end.

So here are a few photos of the car on track. I hope you enjoy them.



Now you are ON the slippery slope Martin! Good man. Just looking at the pictures, the front wheel and wheel arch look quite cobra'esk.
very nice car, is that a sebring look boby? and that long in your collection..wow.
I always (still do) love the MGB-GT V8 sebring like this one, I guess the open version is a bit more flex?

about 7 years? ago I almost bought such type with a TVR 4.3 engine tuned to 340hp

here more about that car and how he build it, guess you will have a long build too.

Darren Jones's 1979 "MGB GT V8 Sebring" features a Rover 3.5
Those pictures of his build look so familiar.:laugh: Yes, it is a Sebring body.
Mine took a while too. Body flex on mine is minimal as I've welded in chassis strenthening sections that really do the job.
Handling is very good on track, a little stiff on the road. I have to reduce the tyre pressures, then it works fine, otherwise I'm bouncing over the bumps. I have a jaguar IRS axle solidly mounted at the rear with twin Koni shocks and inboard disc brakes which makes it very planted and tractable. Front suspension is standard MGB springs, 30% uprated dampers but still the old lever arm type with a 3/4" roll bar. Works fine.
I've just booked myself another track day in September. I think I've got the bug.

I've never been quite sure how I felt about those MGs but yours looks great!
It has a very British sports/GT/muscle car look about it.
I agree with the Cobra comment, I also see maybe a touch of Jag' about it somehow and perhaps a smidgeon of Aston.

The rear flares look a bit like the old Escort Mk1 race/rally flares.

Anyway, it's a credit to you.

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After quite a few mods to the car, I took to the track to test them out. It was the first time i'd attempted a track day in the winter time (December) and I got caught out early on in the slippery conditions. Too much boot in too early on the exit of clearways sent me spinning. Minimal damage though (I only hit a cone). More embarrassment than anything. Still not quite there with the set up but every time I go on track I get a little closer. It was a fun day with no more dramas and the car got quicker as the day went on. I'm still pretty slow compared with the seasoned track day goers but not embarrassingly so. As long as I'm having fun and not spoiling other peoples, who cares. :drunk:


Will Campbell

The car looks like a lot of fun. Are you concerned that your helmet is higher than the "roll bar"? Most track day events in the US would exclude an open car that didn't pass the broomstick test (the driver, inckuding helmet, must be 2" or so below a straight line between the top of the windshield and the roll bar)?

I had a friend with a chrome bumper B and he liked it a lot.
It's crossed my mind on occassion. The roll bar is at that height so the soft top can be put up/down. Any higher and that wouldn't be possible. As it's a road car, that's fine for me. In the event of a roll, I'm not sure what protection it would offer but better than not having one at all I'm guessing. We don't have the broomstick test as a requirement for track days. It just has to be road legal to qualify. It's a good point though.