Tell me why i should or shouldn’t buy this GT40...

Chris Kouba

Thanks. But what are the pros/cons of the Active Power Cars GT40 when compared to RCR, CAV, ERA, Superformance, etc

how/what different is this from the original?

how is the build quality?

how valuable are these compared to the other replicas? how valuable are these on the used market?


Hi Beemerboy,

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With just some basic perusal, you can very quickly get a good assessment of the differences between the manufacturers you list and how they differ from Active Power and the original. As to whether they are pros or cons is a personal assessment: do you want originality, amenities, etc... Some people have very different ideas of what they want and yours will likely be different than others.

Build quality is highly variable. Build components can be cataloged and verified, build quality isn't something you can get a handle on through that video. I built my own RCR and I am an amateur. I have had to redo things along the way and there are still things to redo, but I can also say that I have over 6,000 miles on mine, and only once did not come back under my own power. Find out who built it, see what else they have built. Did they sell any others? Talk to the current owners. I would be hard pressed to believe anything the dealer has to say.

There are Active Power builds on the board. Look through them. PM the member. Go visit them.

If you're in the Portland, OR area, you'd be welcome to check out mine, and I'd imagine the other one ~10 min away too (turn-key minus build).

Values are too finicky to hypothesize.
I'm in the research stage of buying or building a replica GT40. Here is what I've learned (USD$$).

Authenticity versus reality. All GT40 replicas and continuations are not exactly the same car that was made in the 1960's. New materials, performance parts (brakes!), left seat drive in the USA, etc. There is a cross-over point between authenticity and functionality, based on each individual's taste, desires, and budget. The real GT40 was a steel (rust prone, and heavy) monocoque chassis with various Ford V-8's, and various transaxles. The body was fiberglass and seems to be the easiest part to replicate. So, if you have a tubular chassis, LS Chevy engine, and left hand drive, you may be completely happy with your car; while an "authenticity" driver would have a seizure seeing a Chevy engine in a GT40! Realize, you can never make a replica or continuation car as valuable as the original, no matter how authentic you make it. An original cost multi million dollars. However, authenticity does add value especially in a nitch market of very informed buyers (ie: historians).

A good illustration is the KarKraft transaxle in the MKII. This was a purpose built transaxle for the MKII. They are collectors' items and very expensive. If you can get one, you will probably pay 10 times for what you could buy an alternative having as good or better performance. However, this mod is widely accepted in the community and you will see a lot of alternative transaxles used without an adverse effect to the value.

If you want a turn-key minus (you install the engine and transaxle, car is painted and ready to go to your specs), then Superformance is the gold standard. They are considered a continuation, and not a replica, hence the serial number. For that, you are going to pay $150K -$200K in the re-sale market. Value depends on the engine and transaxle as an authentic package is very expensive.

Popular replica companies are RCR (aluminum monocoque, USA), Tornado (tubular spaceframe, aluminum and carbon monocoque), CAV (stainless steel monocoque, South Africa), Southern GT (tubular spaceframe, UK). There are many more, but for the sake of argument, these are my top choices. They all have some form of turn-key minus, and sell in the after market for $75K - $125K. They are well supported with good reputations (as are some your research).

So, let's speak to the car at which you are considering. The first thing I'd suggest is GOOGLE Active Power Cars. There is a website that directs you to a USA company called Ardern Cars. I would call them and ask about customer support, because owning a GT40 means working on your GT40. You will need parts. Next, consider how authentic you want the car. This car is not. It's a tubular frame, Coyote engine, 17" wheels. However, if authenticity is lower on your priority list, it has a great power plant and setup. It is beautiful and it probably drives fantastic. IMHO, I think the market on this car is sub-$100K.

Interestingly, the same dealership has a Superformance GT40 listed for $179K.

I'll echo the other posts, do you research. Then research again......and again. Good luck!