The Driveshaft Shop

Just want to put out some good information on this company. Many years ago during the 11 years it took me to complete the build of my 40. I purchase a set of axles for my 930 trans. Fran Hall suggested I use this company, and i followed his advice. Just recently after about ~2000 miles on the car(over a 4 year span), the CV boots at the trans end of the axles began throwing grease. The bands had not slipped nor was there any looseness of their fitment on the flanges. I wrote them asking for a set of new boots. I wrote to them because I missed the time that they closed the shop--5PM EST. So I couldn't purchase them til the next day. Well, I looked through my emails tonight, and there was a reply from them, asking for my address and said they would drop a shipment of the boots to me at no cost, and they needed my address. These guys go the extra mile when it comes to their customers and service. This does not surprise me one bit. When I ordered my axles, they sent me two different sets of bolts(different thread pitch for half the lot). When I let them know of the mixup they sent me an entire new batch of bolts at no charge. These aren't big ticket items, but they took the time after hours to respond to my communication, and they took care of the problem.
These guys are strictly top notch in my book and any of you guys needing axles should do business with these guys. They can fab up any thing you need. They even grade their axles on the amount of power you think you have. They even have a pro style setup for the dedicated racers. Give them a call or drop them a line with their communication email.

I had them build a custom hybrid Al driveshaft for a truck I built. Very nice piece and great people to work with.

I'd love to see their work on the half shafts for my RCR40. Can't seem to get them. It's been so long I think I could have whittled them from a block of steel with pocket knife in less time.

Howard Jones

Gold Supporter
I broke one of the original half shafts on my GTD. I sent them the dead one and a couple of weeks later I had two new complete drive shafts for a very modest cost. Fit PERECT and I would recommend them without hesitation.

They say they can make anything. I believe them completely.
Well, Its been two days since I ordered the new boots. Actually I emailed them on Monday and they answered back that night and I confirmed on Monday night. When I got home today there they were. Surprisingly this is what they sent.

I could not believe they sent not only the boots but the flanges and the boots already attached with new bands. All I asked for was boots and I offered to pay for them. Like I said this is a class act.

I have only had positive experiences with them. Tad was very easy to deal with and the turnaround time was very quick for the custom axles I needed for my ZF and 427 SOHC motor. I recommend them.