The Garage Sale Rules - Read Before Posting

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Ron Earp

Seven simple rules for the Garage Sale section:

0. No vendor posts here, no serial parts producers. This subforum is for folks to sell their surplus items free from charge.
1. No Ebay auctions.
2. No cars, chassis, tubs, or car kits for sale – those belong in the Cars for Sale subforum.
3. No listing parts you don't own. If your friend wants to sell a GT40 item tell your friend to post it here.
4. You must state a price in the post.
5. You must state your location in the post - city, country.
6. You must attach a picture of your item that you have for sale.
7. Have a lot of parts for sale? Consolidate into one listing, do not spam this subforum.

Starting 11/19/11 we're flat out going to delete posts that don't meet these requirements. I'm tired of constantly emailing and PMing people to comply.

Thank you.
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