the Steinard MK3 takes shape

Thanks guys appreciate the kind words, one thing that did show up on that last run where he pushed it close to its limit, was the front need to be stiffer, so ive gone up to 600lb springs in the front, from 450lb and will put the 450's on the rear as their at present 400, i have also made up a front and rear sway bay that i will fit, once i get that done we will try to get a test day on a track somewhere, and start fine tuning, but i honestly believe once we get the suspension set up right it will be a very quick little rocket.
The engine is basically a stock Civic Type R K20, rated at 200hp, and we get 170hp at the wheels, but it pulls all the way to the limiter at 8200, unbelievable, Daz was saying he got lazy a couple of times and held 3rd gear and the revs dropped under 5000, and although it pulled ok when back on the gas, when it hit 5200 and the Hi Lift cam kicked it , it took off like a rocket, man i luv it.
Well its take an almighty effort as the camera was working but i couldnt upload anything off the card, kept coming up as empty, so i got a recovery program and after a battle royal i found the only complete run we had , and unfortunately it was the second to last run, but he took over 8 secs of his time with this one as the track was drying out rapidly.