the Steinard MK3 takes shape

Keith sorry to hear your in hospital ole mate, hope you get well soon, I know ive been a bit slack in posting but since the maca left me i immediately got busy and built myself a Honda K20 type R powered Lotus 23 , then for a x mass present to myself i get two nasty tumours on my right lung, radiation treatment to start any day, now .and ive also been diagnosed with early stages of Parkinsons, so needless to say its slowed me down a tad. but apart from that i'm a box of birds.
My little toy
cheers John
John, did you build that Lotus from scratch or do you modify an existing chassis? Looks fun, have you had a chance to take it to the track?
Hi mate, yep shes a scratch build, i drew the first chalk line on the floor middle of October 2017. and drove it out of the shed under its own power jan this year so approx 14 months, and the best part of 4 months was repairing the miserable excuse for a body i managed to get hold of, it was a tad rough shall we say. years of neglect and left outside in the weather had taken its toll etc.
no mate i havn't had it out as yet , ive got a couple of minor issues to sort out before i do , so it went on the trailer under cover while i have the Macca here doing the gearbox.
cheers John
Back to the Macca, and i finally got the gear shift sorted took 3 goes but i got there in the end, then it was plumb up the oil cooler and trans pump etc, and finally this morning modify a new top cross member that would 1/ clear the gearbox, and 2/ also clear the exhaust system, so a bit of left over 25 x 2mm Cro/ Mo tube did the trick. so now i wait for the uprights to get modified.
gear shift from the trans forward then thread through the chassis and upto the rear bulk head new rear cross member all done and plumbing all done just the line to the cooler from the pump and inline filter to fit. not far now.
cheers John
This one has a larger than normal CW/P and is rated at 650ft lbs, Pescarolo run the same box behind an LS3 in their LMP driver school prototypes.
Jobs done 1 Sadev 6 speed sequential trans all fitted, and rear uprights rebuilt, ready to rock and roll.
bring it on.
I had to lift the back of the engine 12 mm so trans bellhousing would clear the cross member, which is why i now have 5 1/2 deg angle on the half shafts. but i dont think it will be to much of a bother. cheers John
Well my radiation treatment is over for the time being so all we can do now is wait on that front, so in the mean time i wasnt happy with a few things on the lotus , firstly the flared guards looked like crap so i cut them off and started again , and this time i think ive nailed it, they look so much better, but then of course i had to sand the bloody thing back and repaint it, but oh well you get that , i also fixed the door screen problem but as i couldnt fit the acrylic to the door, i made the door fit the acrylic worked a treat, plus tidied up a few loose ends here and there and now its log booked with CAMS and ready to rumble. at last.

cheers John.


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Thanks Randy i can honestly say i'm happy with it now i've redone the guards etc, she goes for a floggin on sun the 5th may, so ill let you no how it goes.
cheers Kaspa


Hats off John, just found I need a little "radio" and its not Classic FM, but it does focus ones mind and the last few weeks have been tough but a bit of an eye opener as to what REALLY matters, each night now in the old shed with the GT40 means SOOOO much more than a few weeks ago, i think I am ok but it was a scare....
So to all of us, nuts and bolts and oil and revs is really what matters, sod Brexit or Mexican walls, it will all pale into the ether, mainly bollocks to be blunt, the sun will rise and the sun wills set whatever
Bloody hell that's almost philosophical...then again :)
Well i know i've been a bit slack lately and haven't posted much as i've been a bit crook and in and out of bloody hospital and they still cant find the problem that's giving me all the grief, any way in between visits i managed to get the 23 over to a dyno who knew how to tune a Honda, and shes flying, so we entered it in the Noosa Hill Climb a few weeks ago, {google it there's a few in car vids] and unfortunately i couldn't drive the thing, so i got a mate from interstate to come up and drive it for me, so Saturday was wet and although it stopped raining as the road is through a forest the surface never dried out and it was treacherous on slicks so a good time wasn't on the cards and it was impossible to tune the car, Sunday was better, road was dry but greasy and Daryl's first couple of runs were getting used to the car, and we made a few changes as the track dried, and his times improved but we were still dead last in class, 0-2000cc modern sports, up against a mob of Elises an Exice or two, and a couple of quick Miata's, then later in the afternoon everybody was coming down with the thumbs up, the track was dry, so is aid to dazz go for it mate give it shit, and did he ever, we went from dead last to first by a sec and a half and knocked of a supercharged 2,4 honda powered Elise , the only piss off was the camera was playing up and although the run was recorded i cant get it of the chip, so we won on debut cant ask for better that that.
so now its time for a well earned rest i think.
cheers Kaspa

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Great Job John. Good to hear the car got finished and was allowed to stretch its legs
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