To accumulate, or not....

Hi fellas, been a while since I've been on the site.

Making some improvements to the Frankenlotus project (Lotus Esprit with 347 SBF).

I'm wondering if there's any need or benefit to having a fuel pressure accumulator plumbed into the fuel delivery system downstream of the twin bosch fuel pumps. It's a return-style system plumbed in AN-6. It seems to deliver plenty of fuel during all driving conditions. In other words, I haven't sensed any fuel starvation going on, either as felt by seat-of-the-pants, or by a low pressure reading on the handheld display (FAST 2.0 v2). Car starts fine, both hot and cold.

Currently, it's plumbed tank-pump1-pump2-filter-fuel rails. The car originally had a fuel pressure accumulator also plumbed in between pump2 and the filter. I'm wondering if there's any potential benefit to plumbing the accumulator back in? I understand the accumulator helps to maintain fuel pressure. Would it also potentially provide some steady delivery advantage if the peak draw (at WOT) exceeded the max delivery rate of the pumps and line sizing?

Incidentally, the AN-6 ID line sizing is approximately 7mm, whereas the fittings for the fuel accumulator are about 5mm (kind of small...).

Appreciate any well thought out ideas on this one. Thanks.


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