Took my wife around the track for the first time.

Larry L.

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8/10 for squealing noises
2/10 for holding the camera steady

Must try harder next time.

Many ladies seem to suffer the same malady!
My Mrs just about had a heart attack one day when when we were out for a 'Sunday drive' (in our Ford GT) and I pulled out to pass an incompetent dipstick we'd been forced to follow for m-i-l-e-s.
The instant I downshifted and shoved my foot into the radiator to get around him, she actually screamed! She did not approve! No, sir! Not one darned bit!
DANG! That car could really get with the program "quick, fast and in a hurry"! (- Major Payne)
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Terry Oxandale

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It's like flying. If only the passenger could put their hands on the yoke (wheel/gas/brake), the anxiety would be ameliorated significantly. Debbie will be in the left side this spring, and I'm sure I'm the one that will be pulling the buttons out of the seat when that happens.
That's fantastic Terry, nice job initiating the wife to the thrills of the track.

It was probably BOTH the most awesome experience she's had, and the most scary.....