Took my wife around the track for the first time.

Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
Expecting a "no" out of her, she surprised me with an "okay" when I asked if she wanted to ride along for a few laps. So.....I after all the safety stuff was taken care of, we did a few yellow-flag speeds around the course, easy-going to get her acclimated to the experience of a track ride. Then I dropped the lap times by about two seconds per lap until we finished. What I failed to consider was the blind hills on the course (which I knew the layout, but she didn't) added a whole different dimension to her experience. Throughout the next 10 laps she was conspicuously quiet and still. We got back into the paddock, and after disembarking the car, her statement was, "I can't tell if that was the most awesome experience I've ever had, or the most terrifying experience I've ever had". I could have had no better compliment. Unfortunately, she didn't know the backpack she brought into the motel was my GoPro set-up, and not knowing it was brought into the room, it was left in the room when we headed to the track for the video of the car in action. This spring I think she'll be sitting in the left seat give it a go.

Before the helmets go on:

Ever since I made the "A" spoiler for the car, it's become quite a challenge to get around it once in the trailer.

She had to have a (couple perhaps) margarita to "recover" from the experience.

Way cool Terry!
Been fortunate enough to have always had adventurous women as partners. Seems like the common denominator
was one or more of these interests - Bicycles, Motorcycles, Horses.

Oddly enough, none of them ever had an interest in cars.

On Margaritas - Every time I see one it reminds me of how a competitor's father used to follow me around on a Saturday night offering free refills. Seems he wanted to give his son every advantage possible come Sunday's races. LOL.
You're a lucky man Terry. I don't think I 'd have a snowflake in Hell's chance at getting my wife to come for a few laps when I finally get my car going. Mind you that's probably due to past experiences.
By the way, those shots of your car look fantastic.
Regards, Udo.