Tornado GT 40 Build


Superb work! The diagonal rear bracing, is that your own work or available through Tornado? I've a TS40 without that in place...
Is that the Tornado supplied steering wheel you have in post #42 or did you have it covered like that? Very nice!
Also great work!
Franky , would you be able to help with a supplier for your chequer board patterned alloy foil/insulation you have fitted in your peddle area i'm looking for the same type of pattern in a heat foil for my engine cover, also are you running hydraulic power steer in those hoses in your sill, you have an amazing build keep up the great work and your posts are very informative, thanks
Hello Graeme,
i have no power steering installed. The tubes are for underpressure brake, AC, Heater. I don´t understand what you mean with: "chequer board patterned alloy foil/insulation you have fitted in your peddle area".
Very nice build and photo essay you have going on here. My compliments on making it as you like to be yours.
I built a DRB project a few years is in here under Mikes DRB 041 build. That project had a specific destiny and it followed the plan. Sold it last year on BaT. Happy with the result. It was a perfect storm of finding an unfinished car at the right place, right time and right will probably never happen for me again.
Now am am looking to do another 40 "for keeps". Since DRB is no longer around the Tornado is likely my next preferred option... will keep watching your build as I prepare to take the plunge.....again. Your continuing story line makes me feel very good about their product and support.
That dash and interior is coming on amazingly!
I’m assuming you’re well versed in a sewing machine to get a finish like that!

What is the dash covered in? Alacantara?