Tornado GT 40 Build

Oppening the wood box. All parts are in very top condition.

Every individuall agreement ( Glass rear window, bulb, gulf rear vents, etc. ) was taken into account. Till now only the condenser i didn´t found.

Every parts are inclusive all screws, nuts etc. Every bags are marked and labeled. The powdercoated parts are packed with newspaper. Very nice. I can really recommend the Tornado Kit from Andy.


Ian Anderson

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Very nice Franky

Could I suggest you place the windscreen in the "spider" as the fiberglass can distort slightly and then makes the glass fitting a real pain later on

Fix with masking tape or similar.

Franky. That looks a great package. ;-) I'd suggest at this stage you don't put too much faith in those chassis stands. They look very "lite". Suggest something far more sturdy before you start progressing.

Keep the posts coming.

Nick D.
That's possible the best build frame I've seen to date. If the start of your build is anything to go by, this is going to be one very nice build log to follow.

Nick D.


That is a very nicely built chassis dolly, Franky. The aluminum tread plate across the bottom is a good idea!

Is that Gulf Racing blue? :rolleyes:

Regards, Neil Tucson, AZ


Hi Franky, great frame, I am just at the panelling stage of my Southern GT and I got a set of stands from another builder PaulBav who had finished with them, not as flash or nicely painted as your set but boy they make a difference, so nice to work off the floor, he was using them all the way to a rolling chassis with running engine. For me at the moment its drill and rivet, drill and rivet, drill and rivet, etc but its oddly very satisfying, sort of helps being slightly OCD although my daughter who does Psychology at school says its not OCD,its attention to detail, who am I to argue !!
So on tonight's menu is drill and rivet,drill and rivet,drill and rivet, happy days.....