Track Day - 8th November

Is anyone interested in a track day at Brands Hatch on Tuesday 8th November?

Details are:

Cost - about £120 per car ( depending on number of cars on the day so price to be confirmed )

7 x 20 minute sessions - 2hrs 20 mins on track if all goes well

Our sessions will be exclusively GT40s

Other sessions will be dedicated to other quality makes e.g. E Type club, Ferrari OC, Aston OC etc.

There is a track limit of 36 cars, but only about 25 are expected for this day

If you are interested please either PM me or post here and further details will be supplied.

We already have 5 committed so please respond quickly if you want to take part.
Re: Track Day - 8th November

Latest info we have from the organisers is as follows:

The price will be £157 per car
Noise limit 105db
Only 6 sessions ( not 7 ) as it will be dark by 4.30

Sorry if my earlier posting misled people, but that was the info I had at the time.

A few of us will still do the day I think, so if you want to be included, please get in touch now.