Traction Control for SLC

Hey guys:

I really want to install traction control on my SLC , since it is mostly a street car, I feel that with the 525HP LS3 and only 2500lbs Traction control is a must .

I know nobody makes new ones anymore so I am hoping to find a used kit or maybe somebody bought one and never installed it, or has one installed and does not want it anymore.

Any help is appreciated, my car is almost finished , I should get it in the next couple of weeks and I want to tackle the TC issue at the beginning of the build .

I am in West Texas .


Happen to searching for this for an up coming build, not sure if this will work with a superlight but worth a call...

Racetronics in PA

Are you going to be at BBORR?

I personally don't think traction control is necessarily needed with an LS at that HP level. Obviously you have to use your brain and your foot. With an LS7, V10 Graz and Michelin Super Sports I had to roll into the throttle 1st through 3rd (straight line). But I never felt like it was a handful.

On the track, it's probably easier to swap ends with the brakes. I have a habit (bad?) of using the brakes when I want to rotate the car a bit more once committed. That will bite you in the ass real quick in the SLC, and traction control won't save you from that.

If you are absolutely trying to get the most out of the car, yes, traction control done right will probably help. That's probably especially true in the wet.

But don't feel like you need it for a street/track car.

You DO need to get used to the car and use your head.
i agree w/ Frank - you dont need tc, and certainly not with only 500hp ... i used to have an ls3 525 in mine, it defiantly is not a handful
I really appreciate the feedback , I guess coming from a 700hp GTR I learned to respect TC. I had the car sideways even with it , using the throttle only.

I had plenty scary moments with a 1970's turbo 911 as well.

I agree using your head is always critically important , but an added layer of safety is never a bad idea, and the TC can be dialed down or completely turned off if it seems too intrusive or if drifting is on your wish list , or is taking the fun out of driving the car .

I just figure if I am going to install it , doing it at the beginning of the build is much easier .

Please keep the feedback coming , Thank you