Transmission G50/52

Ron Rowse

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Hoping you Knowledgable folks can help.

I have a Model G50/52 2 MO2925 transmission that came from The Good old USA. I would like to find out following please.

What type of porsche did it come from.
The gear ratios.
Crown wheel and pinion ratio.
What percentage of limited slip it has.
In Fact any information that you can rake-up
Merry Christmas and happy new year to all
From Ron Rowse
Hi Ron,

The G50/52 ratios are as follows:
1st gear: 3.154
2nd gear: 1.789
3rd gear: 1.267
4th gear: 0.976
5th gear: 0.756
You have a ZF limited slip, which I believe is 20%/80%.
The standard G50/52 "rear end" is 3.444:1
Your gearbox is from a 1991 Porsche 993.
Some modifications will be required to make the box fit your DRB(bellhousing, starter).
Call Peter Ransom for details.
I hope that this helps you.

Would you mind revealing the price that you paid for the gearbox, and where you got it,
here in the States?



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Ron Rowse

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Dear Bill
Thank-you for your Quick Reply.
I purchased the Transmission from Mr David
Raines of Powerhaus Transmissions at 2120.E.
6th street site no8 tempe AZ 85281.The Transmission was down in Venezuela.David told me that it was a spare for a racing team and they had not paid for it. He charged me $3000.00 US dollars and had the transmission delivered to Long beach.I had it picked up and shipped to me in Alice Springs.It appears to be brand new the only damage was the starter mount hole was bent out of round due to being dropped.I soon fixed that little problem.I have removed the rear and looked in side and it does look new.I tried to purchase a overhaul manaul in case I needed to pull it down one day in the future but without a vin number
of a vehicle porsche in Australia will not anwser your phone calls.I will say thanks once again for your help. Anything I can help you with just ask.

Ron Rowse