TRICO wiper motor


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My wiper motor is out of work and looking for the replacement. I’d like to keep the wiper linkage as is, I.e. GTD standard wiper linkage, so need to find the equivalent motor to original TRICO 532348/-/Z. Thus, it’ll be appreciated if anyone could let me know any production cars having used this TRICO motor so that I could purchase a new one from other brand.

Thanks in advance for your advice.
Hi Yuji,

Perhaps, could be useful to post some pics of your linkage and motor. I recently dismantled the whole wiper system on my GTD (but was a Lucas motor), and completely redid it (means deeply clean/grease/renew/adjust everything), changing gear ratio and now using a wider Datsun 240Z wiper arm. Another world !


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Attached is the broken TRICO motor and the linkage for my GTD40. In fact, I’ve found the contact for TRICO yesterday, and wait their feed back now.


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