Un1 oil leak/amount of oil


I have a constant problem of oil coming up and out from around the input shaft when driving. I’m sure it happens under breaking.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m putting too much oil in the box. What is the correct amount of oil for the un1?

Also what methods are people using to seal round the input shaft.

I’ll appreciate any help.
The input shaft is next to the clutch. The two output shafts go to the wheels. Which are you having trouble with?

My UN1 is leaking on the right output shaft.

-Bob Woods
Tornado GT40 in Texas
The correct oil fill level is to the level of the filler plug. Total capacity is around 3 litres.
If the input shaft seal has gone, the gearbox has to be split to change the seal, not a five minute job
Make sure the breather vent is not blocked, otherwise it will be pressurising at it heats up, forcing oil past the seals.
I’ll have to have a look at the seal round the input shaft as I’m putting 3 litres of oil in. I might have to find some pristinely parts and compare.

I will also double check the vent but last time I looked I know the plastic was loose.

Paul Hendrickx

Hi all,
while driving for 17 years an Alpine A310 V6 whit an UN1 gearbox...... in the Alpine community and general Renault forums, it is a common understanding that you put only 2,7 -2,8 lt of oil in the gearbox, in order to avoid leaks.
3lt is to much.
Don't know if your engine / gearbox is lifted up on the rear to align driveshaft's which could accentuate the conditioning to leak from the in put shaft.
If you want to talk to an expert (and very friendly/helpful guy) then call Chris Cole (01952 416051). He rebuilds & supplies UN1 gearboxes and will be able to answer all your questions in seconds.