Upgrades for the Altaya GT40 scale 1/8th

Hi all!

Short introduction of myself - car maniac, bit older, love coffee, smokes too, do racing (hobby), am German and sadly, my GT40's are not 1:1 but rather 1:8. I however try to replicate the original as detailed as possible. And that is the reason I am here... I really hope that I may find one or two kind people that can answer some questions and/or provide me with pics and detailed info on parts etc.

After receiving the ok by an admin I invite you, should you be bored to hell and have nothing important to do, to have a look on my website checking the GT40 parts I constructed and built.

-> www.29-design.de

Btw, I am not a company but do build 1/8th models to order. Hence the GT40 projects. Yep, projects.. as I currently have 4 on my workbench. 2 x #1075, for the others I am awaiting info about what version it shall be.


Randy V

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I didn’t see this thread, so I moved your other thread here, re-titled it and left a link-back to it.
Again - amazing craftsmanship!