Visit to ERA

This is a copy of a letter I sent to Bob Putnam of ERA replicas in New England. If anyone is considering making a GT40 purchase you would be remiss if you didn't check these guys out!

Hello Mr. Putnam

I'm sending a note regarding my visit to ERA last Tuesday. Firstly I'd like to say that it was the first time I've ever seen your vehicles. We had driven 14 hours from Canada to pick up some parts and visit ERA. My preference are the GT cars (that's what I came to see!) I'm not fussy for the Cobras but that is just a matter of personal taste and opinion. Anyhow to get back on track.
I looked at the Cobras and I was dumbfounded at the quality of the build! I have never seen anything that nice. Your cars are the prettiest Cobras I have ever seen.
Secondly, I spoke with several of your staff and I was very impressed with their friendly manner, politiness and overall helpfulness. We were given a tour of the facility and they answered many of our questions honestly and openly. They did not say anything negative about any other manufacturers and did not try to pressure a sale.
We were given directions to the second shop where the GT's were. Upon arrival there we were shown through the shop, we asked even more tiring questions and received honest answers. Your GT's are beyond belief! I could see that your staff put as much effort into the vehicles as if they were building them for themselves!
I must say Sir, that if I didn't already own a Kit Car, I would have placed an order right then and there, based solely on the positive attitude of your staff, Notwithstanding the quality of your product! I would especially like to thank your bookeeper, I forgot to ask her name. She was most helpful and was a pleasure to speak with.
I know one thing for sure, I will be listing my present kit car and when it sells, I will be returning to ERA to place my order. I just annoyed at myself for not checking you guys out earlier!

Regards: Mike Burns
Moncton, NB. Canada

Where have you been?
ERA has been producing high quality replicas for a LONG LONG time. Their monocoque GT40 replica set the standard
when it was introduced, and ERA continues to enjoy a long
backlog since they only build a few cars each year.
If you can afford an ERA GT, it's a great choice.

Her name is Janet and I have been many times at ERA and never meet her. I am glad you enjoyed your visit to ERA. You will not see many ERA ads. I own 2 ERA cars (Cobra and GT). I have owned two other ERA Cars which make me a 4X offender. The GT is Gulf Color and its home is at ERA Hobby Shop. ERA has been in business longer than any other Cobra/GT40 manufacturer and their product is second to none. Some people argue here about their price being too expensive but it is worth it. I hope you had a chance to see the new GT Spider Prototype.
Can you imagine if the one and only complaint about your business is you are too expensive.
ERA is a first class act. I'm very close to finishing my GT. They have been a wealth of Information during my build.

It's a terrible shame about RF. Gives the whole industry a black eye.