Was there ever a Sunoco GT40?

I’m beginning to think about color schemes on my project and I saw a video of an MKII in Sunoco blue with yellow accents that I really liked. I’ve been trying to research this car and there is nothing on this site or google.

Does anyone know anything about this car? Did it race at LeMans and does anyone have any pictures of the origin car that they could share?

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Try Amelia Island Concours 2013.
There was a MkII there in Sunoco blue and lemon livery.
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I loved those Pesky Camaro's. But I loved Mr. Jones better. What ever you do, to make it right you must dip your car in acid first, before paint and don't lean on it afterwords.
Answer: no, there was not. You are most likely confused and thinking of the very famous Sunoco Ferrari 512M:

Most Sunoco cars were GM-powered, i.e. Trans-Am Camaros, and Lola T70 Spyders.

The original Gulf colors were not the light blue and orange that we are so familiar with. Gulf Oil’s actual colors were a much darker blue and orange, and Grady Davis’ Mk I car (he was an executive at Gulf and started racing his personal car before getting the company to formally start racing the following year) was in distinctive ‘Original Gulf’ colors, which are not so far off from the Sunoco colors. Could you be thinking of that?



The dark blue & orange Gulf Oil colors were changed on the GT40 because "it did not photograph well."
These are some pictures I took off of YouTube. Does anyone know anything about this car? And does anyone know anything about this ever being a real car. I think this one is a replica. I also don’t think MKII’s had canards.
Wheels don't look correct for MK II.
rear lights don't look correct for MK II
looking inside rear, you can see that its got CV joints, not uni joints on the drive shafts, I thought all the originals had universal joints. Can others confirm?
The rear support structure bellow the rear clip mounting on the rear photo does not look correct for a MK II. surely you should be able to see the T44 from that angle. is this from the video where it is reversing of the tray truck?
in one of the photos the bottom corner of the window looks like it has quite a sharp radius, where as original doors have a larger radius, hard to tell this from the photos, may need to go back to the video.
The registration of that car (in my opinion) should be Q291 MTW. This was registered in the UK as a 5.0 Ford Coupe with a build date of 1996 and a single MOT in 2006. Now shown as exported.
I'd plump for it being a GTD replica and certainly not an original car.