What axles/hubs to use with porsche trans?

Looking to get an slc type kit, but need to get an understanding of how the drivetrain is put together.
When using a flipped porsche transaxle, say 2002ish 911 g96, what cv shafts are used? Are they custum length and bolt on outer splines? Do you use something like a corvette c7 hub?
I understand most of the large things in the kits but there are a few things no one talks about. For example the steering rack. I it a slc only stearing rack or are their donar racks to chose from?

all of those parts are included with our deluxe plus SLC kit packages.
Rack is custom made in the UK now and its only available directly through RCR,
Next batch shipping April 28th btw
I appreciate the response and appreciate that you design your own products to fit the car. However, when it comes to certain consumables I may prefer them to be more readily available/mass produced.

Custom parts with long lead times may not be beneficial at the track when something breaks or gets used up. Trying to find some affordable and accessible options for the drivetrain and build from there.
Sorry Bill
No off the shelf donor parts ,having raced for many years ive always taken consumables to the track with me
Yes sir