Whats this

Found this pic on the web saying, Le Mans testday '65. Borani wheels, strange frontclip ?
Am right or not ?:oops:
The man behind the car watching with arms on his back ; Eric Broadley ?????????????????????

Could be ? as he was on the ford project initially some monthes before !!!!! And probably watching at this first prototype from Dearborn ?????

Otherwise; very very nice pic !!!reminding me that I was there !!!! as a very young fan .... I suceeded to enter the paddock just carrying a wheel for friend UK mecanics !!! No ppass but a so strong passion to be involve in such racing cars !!!!!!:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Ed McClements

Pretty sure that's Broadley in the yellow windcheater, and, if my eagle eyes don't deceive me, "Jenks" right at the back, under the left umbrella.