Who said it can't be fun to go to the grocery store

Ian Anderson

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See what Hersh did……

see post 10 on this thread


Larry L.

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Maaaan, does THAT take me back a few decades!

My Dad used to pull my sister and me on our sleds behind his '47 Chevy panel truck on what was back then a sparsely traveled 'main road' that went by our home. Talk about FUN!!! We couldn't get enough of it!
'Howsumever'...uh...MOM was none to pleased about the whole thing... ;-)

TODAY Dad would probably have ended up 'doing time' over it if he'd been caught... :rolleyes:
That is Awesome, I learned something new today . never heard of the Alpine A310. And I consider myself a car guy . Cool car !!!

Larry L.

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...I learned something new today . never heard of the Alpine A310.
Until I read this thread, the only "Alpine" I'd ever heard about was made by "Sunbeam"...and that Alipine had been overshadowed big time by the "Tiger"!
Evidently we've both led very sheltered lives... ;-)
Yes indeed, live and learn. A local friend has a sunbeam with a 5 liter mustang V8, amazing how he made the V8 fit in there . But I had never heard about or seen an Alpine A310. Then again most people don't know what an SLC is , of course much much lower number of cars on the road. I always wondered what percentage of SLC kits actually get licensed and hit the road , my guess on my personal experience is about 20%? From what I read there were about 11,000 Alpine A310s made. Not sure how many SLC kits have been sold to date.