Who's attending the 2024 GT reunion?

This thread is for people to let others that they are attending. We cannot post details of people who are attending due to privacy laws, etc. We will be posting the names of the celebrity attendees, etc. as they have agreed to such posting.

So far, we can reveal that John S. Allen, author of the GT40 book that covered the 1989 Watkins Glen, and the 1993 Road America event is coming (Could there be another book in the works?). Phill Henny, Shelby American crew member is coming and will be part of the Friday evening dinner and table talk. And several more Shelby and Holman-Moody people will be announced shortly. Also, some well-known people from the GT40 world will be there and participating in our Friday evening event.

So, if you are attending, please add your name, the car coming if bringing a car and any other details you want to share. This will allow people to network and make it possible for many of us who "know" each other from the forum to actually meet and interact. If you wish you can add contact details such as email, etc. We do suggest you interact via PM so phone numbers, etc. don't end up all over the web.

With the event over six months away, more than 50% of the blocked-out hotel rooms have been booked. Worry not, the Marriott will reserve additional rooms when we hit 80% and they also have the Marriott Courtyard hotel 100 yards from the main hotel.

Gonna be a great time!
So, I will be the first: Mark IV (the handle didn't come from the GT MK IV but rather the Autokraft AC MK IV which I was involved with and sold/distributed in the 80's). Under my secret identity of Rick Muck, I answered a question about "is there a 60th GT reunion" and suddenly I had a full-time job putting this together!

But I have driven a GT MK IV at Pitt Race, the 2019 SAAC convention had me tracking a Kar Kraft J17 chassis around the track. And the smile still has not worn off! 
J17 SAAC2.jpg
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Rob Klein

I will be there. I am not sure my Gelscoe will be finished however but it will be close


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