Will Hollywood do the GT40 story right?

What does your phrase
" To demean the effort just because the success wasn’t all at the hands of Americans, or the story isn’t historically accurate....well, that’s not really helping much..... " mean exactly ??
Help who ? Hollywood ? the resale value of replicas ? The price of cauliflowers ?
Or are you saying that your average Joe in the US, is as thick as pig shit?
I don't think they would agree with that summation.

It means help to tell a great American success story. Just like I said in my post.
"Ford vs. Ferrari" is longer based on AJ Baime book. 20th Century Fox resold that book to a TV company who are making a series on the same subject. 20th says they are basing their feature on "other sources." My own private theory is that the contract with Baime asked for something they no longer wanted to deliver once they green lighted the feature--like a percentage of the gross or something, maybe some rights to souvenir items (t-shirts? hats?). Baime's wife was even complaining about their switcheroo on the net , though he was paid a nice sum when he first sold his book rights to 20th, probably over $100,000. She said she wanted to see "Based on the book by" on the credits.... (Hey 20th I got film rights for sale too....and I'm not nearly so demanding, as I live in a less expensive neighborhood than Baime)
Small update: I heard they are almost done with filming, though official end of filming was said to be Oct. 29th. One location I heard was Agua Dulce airport, I suppose they have a hanger there of same vintage as Shelby had when they were at the LAX airport. Haven't seen any casting calls for extras out here in SoCal. Shooting was announced in the following Calif. counties: Kern, Orange, San Bernardino and Santa Rosa. They're doing a good job ignoring me, but all I can say is "reshoots are expensive."
Only new news is budget is now $100 million. Filming still scheduled to end in late October. Hoping some reader will come up with French location shots.
You’ve got to remember, this film is NOT being made for the likes of us, who collectively know a fair bit about the story, rather for “Joe Public” who neither knows nor (currently) cares about the story. It’s got to be made interesting, exciting and spectacular and not necessarily accurate. Of course we would all argue the true story has that in spades.

Ron Earp

Simon speaks the truth.

Wallace, I wouldn't hold your breath on them calling you for consulting. The screenplay was written long ago and the boat has sailed.