do somebody know, where i can buy a windscreen for the tornado in europe? UK is too expensive ( shipping, tax, crating, packaging )

Do you have contact details of Markus Doniec? He's in Germany suplying GT40 parts and even complete GT40 kits from Revo Replicar (Poland).
He's a member of this group also, otherwise find him on facebook here GT40 PARTS FOR SALE | Groepen | Facebook

If he can't help you, Heated Windscreens | Ricky Evans Motorsport – heatedwindscreens in the UK is your best bet.
I ordered one (bronze tinted, electical heated, with all DOT & EU markings laminated)) and took the ferry and collected it myself.
He makes the screen to you wishes, with color tint, with sun deflector in any color, heated, with the DOT etcetera markings.
For you is just a few km further..
JP, that's a hell of a daily driver.
Its a 3.0 GP2 Capri with a registration plate. A rare one also as its genuine build at the Zakspeed plant in '78 as one of hundred build Capri 3.0 RS Special road cars. Actualy one of the first twenty five build.
Triple carbs always fire up, its the most reliable Capri we have. Perfect for long road trips, no interior so loads of space for camping trips overseas. Luggage as a sound dampener.. and loads of fun on the track (especialy the sound of triple webers howling at speed).
A few years ago, I got a windscreen for a European gray market car in the US from Rick Evans. They were the only people I could find that had the windscreen. Dealing with them was easy and the windscreen arrived here in the US safely, but because of the size of the box, I had to ship it as freight (FedEx or UPS, I forget which) and that meant dealing with US Customs and hiring a customs broker. It was not fun or cheap.

So I highly recommend Rick Evans, but I recommend finding a cheaper way to get it here. As pilkington dont sell direct you will need to get them ordered through a suppiler
front screen A1128 A1275

Worth checking the link. It lists two types of GT40 glass. I suspect one may be to fit the original windscreen shape on the original cars/steel roof, and the other is for kit cars with the KVA origin/Fiberglass roof.