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I have a new windshield that fits a Roaring Forties but i believe it is the same as a Factory Five…..


Just as a follow up had a friend contact Dan, he is out of windshields (has some with less curve left, similar to the F5 that I bought). After 400 windshields they will no longer sell to him. :(

Sent you a PM on your GTM windshield

I'm planning on doing a scratch build and trying to decide if I should buy the body from Chris Arden or Bill Hough and the windshield issue is the only thing holding me up. If you David or Devin know if there's a windshield that fits Bill Hough's body, I would appreciate if you share. If I find anything on my research I will report back to this thread. Good luck!


An original windshield fits Bill Hough’s body, don’t know about Arden. Will order a superformance one after I get my chassis released from customs. Apparently they think I am importing gold...

Ian Anderson

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You may find this cross reference guide helpful.
if anyone finds any other cross matches that work I am sure the table can be updated

Inquire to ricky Evans Motorsports for a windshield. They have 10 different tools and offer in heated and bronze tinted for 380 pounds. They also offer in non heated just laminated no tint. Plus if you measure your spyder he can determine which glass tooling will fit.
David - Sorry to hear about the custom issues. Regarding the windshield, I'm sure there has to be someone that makes a windshield that fits Bills body. Maybe RCR can help. I wonder if they would sell the windshield by itself.

Ian - Thank you for the Cross Reference Guide. I is very helpful.
I have one that came out of China.
when Protector Glass went into administration in Australia a few years back, all the tooling was bought across to china and a number of manufacturers over there are now making screens for different cars depending on what they got their hands on, or so I have been told. maybe speak with your local windscreen wholesaler and see if they get container loads of the screens come in from china and see if you could get one in the next shipment.