RCR40 Windshield A-pillar Fitment

Randy Folsom

The windshield on my RCR40 is very tight along the A-pillars about midway down because the pillar’s ridge bows inward 178.5^ while the windshield edge bows outward 178.8^. The result is there is plenty of gap at the top and bottom.

I have the spider propped up so the top of the windshield is resting on the flange, but I suspect it is too high because of the issue with the A-pillars.

Thinking there are multiple options:
  • Sand down the edge of the windshield
  • Sand back the ridge
  • Force the windshield to the flange with clamps and thereby bend the A-pillar
  • Or some combination of the above
I want to get this right before I start with the rest of the body alignment. I would also like to have an even gap, so using the windshield to bend the A-pillar seems to be last resort. If sanding the glass, how is that done. I am thinking a diamond sharpening stone.

Thx in advance.

Randy V

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I had to sand the edge and one corner of my windshield…. It took me a very long time as I did it with 320g wet sandpaper by hand so as to not put too much heat into the glass..
I had the same problem as you…

Randy Folsom

Randy, Thx for the how-to tip. I think I will prop the glass up outside and run a trickle of water over it from a hose to both lubricate and cool the glass. Cheers, Randy