Wings and Wheels Dunsfold - 29th and 30th August 2015

Just to remind you applications to participate in this event close this Wednesday 15 July 2015.

To complete the application on line go to the Wings and Wheels website.

At the moment Vulcan is scheduled to be there on both days. This could be one of the last opportunities to see this amazing display.
Hi John,
Thanks for reminder, would have missed the deadline!
Hope engine issue is getting sorted so you can attend the event!
Wouldn't be the same without you
Still trying to work out why we don't qualify as 'crowd-pleasing'.
What do they want? Vapour trails? Explosions?
Has anyone discovered anything?
Wild horses wouldn't get me there now.

Dave Collins

Yes as Paul says I was lucky to be selected. Not sure what criteria was used or if any other 40's were successful. I understand there were a significant number of applications and the final list provides a cross section of vehicles.

I have been lucky enough to get a runway run, I think the criteria must be pot luck, I applied around May time...
My brother has attended the last 3 years in his TVR but this year was declined. I guess with the classic car boom well under way they may be tight for space - I was at the Cranleigh show on Sunday and there were >1600 cars on display!
As far as I am aware 9 Club members applied for the demonstration runs before the deadline and only 2 have been selected. Well done Dave and Simon.

It is disappointing as we have given a lot of support to this event over the years. I fail to understand how our cars are not considered a "crowd pleasing spectacle" given the amount of interest shown in the GT40 by the visitors especially during their walkabout in the paddock. I suspect there will more supercar exotica than before. We'll see.