Wings and Wheels 2013 - DUNSFOLD (Surrey)

This year's event is taking place on Bank Holiday Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th August 2013. In previous years the event was held on the Sunday and Monday so has been brought forward by one day this year.

The format is much the same as before and you can now submit your Motoring Demonstration application on line for your opportunity to drive your GT40 down the main runway.

There is a spectacular airshow also and full details of the event, participating aircraft and the application can be found at

As far as I am aware this could be your last ever opportunity to witness the awesome power of the AVRO VULCAN in this locality.

Please note closure for applications is FRIDAY 19th July 2013.

Contact me if you have any questions but do let me know if you intend to attend and on what day(s)
I can't believe no one is taking up this opportunity. Despite the official closing date for applications being 19th July I understand from the organisers there should be spaces available for those special cars i.e. GT40s.

Where else would you get the opportunity of running your cars on a runway nearly 2kms long, no noise restrictions and with other high performance vehicles. Last year these included F1 cars, Lola T70s, Porsche 962 etc. And loads more.

There is also the fantastic air display full details of which can be found on the website mentioned above.

The the driver and passenger.
Hi John,

I spoke to Neil at Brooklands last week just to confirm that I was on the list as I had filled in the online registration a few months ago and no one had notified me, and I am pleased to say that I am indeed on the said list so will be taking part in this event on Sunday.

What day are you attending or will you be there both day?

Hi John

I also applied on-line some time ago and even sent a photo of my car as requested. Haven't heard anything yet but we never do until the last moment so hope I am on the list. I assume (but maybe wrong) that you have only looked at the paper applications and not the on-line ones.

All the best

Passes and instructions are now being sent out directly to those who applied for an entry.

Please let me know when you receive them on what day, or days, you will be attending the event.

Any difficulties let me know
Hi John
I should be there both days, but sadly, not in the GT40, I had to sell it earlier this year.

I will be attending with my V8 Westfield, looking forward to it. Ill pop across and say hi.