WTD : GT40 side windows

Dave, Mark Clapp makes them here in the states. I would have to look for his number when I return to the shop tomorrow. I havn't seen him post here for sometime............................m
parts for 40s are getting hard to get in Oz, DRB gone, RF who knows and Pace are so busy they dont have anyspare......I got a feeling Mark is locked in as supplier to RCR and cant sell me side windows....
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It's not really hard to make them yourself.

I had to replace mine and used the original ones as template but a cardboard should also do.
A plastic store cut them with the use of the template and also bended it.

Material is ABS with UV protection (blue tinted)

The edge is sprayed with black paint used by RC cars.(painted inside)
For the rest, drill the holes and fix them whit a foam in between.

Gr Curt
Hi Dave , I was going to say Cushman as well. I have bought a couple of pairs off him when I built my RF, They are original, and have that correct curvature. My mate Clayton also bought a pair without the hatch cut out, so he's very accommodating.
Hi Dave, I've got a pair of RF side windows, and a a pair of Cushman original GT40 windows with the little hatches cut out, but no hardware. They are trimmed up to suit the RF and the inside boarders are painted black, they are not perfect, but you are welcome to them if you want to pay the postage. I am in Darwin. Regards, Udo.